PeopleSoft Cloud Hosting

The same full-function and customisable HR, Payroll and Financials software as you could deploy on premise – but hosted in the Cloud


What is PeopleSoft Hosting?

There is no hardware to size and buy. There are no DBAs or application implementation and support specialists to hire and retain. We deploy and maintain the servers within the Cloud on your behalf and you consume the application over the internet with just a monthly subscription.

You gain huge flexibility, additional servers can be brought online just for busy periods, new environments can be provisioned very quickly (e.g. for training or for testing a new release) and we carefully monitor and automate many tasks. You can have as many environments as you need and – if you wish – you can still tailor and customise your PeopleSoft solution to fit your business requirements.

The solution will be fully secure and access will be restricted according to your security requirements. You will still have databases which contain only your data – never shared with any other customer’s data. You will have the security of knowing that in the event of a disaster your solution is fully resilient with robust Disaster Recovery capability built into the architecture.


How Cedar Consulting will get you there?

Cedar Consulting will provide the services to get you into a Cloud environment from where you are today but the service doesn’t stop there. Once you are up and running, Cedar Consulting will maintain the system according to the balance between frequency of update and the ability to consume new features which are right for you. Cedar Consulting will be there with a complete Service Desk support infrastructure so you can call on expert skills whenever needed.


What are the main benefits of a Cedar Hosted PeopleSoft Solution?

  • No capital investment in servers required.
  • Take advantage of the huge flexibility that The Cloud enables.
  • We take care of the resilience and disaster recovery requirements with best-in-class data centres.
  • Physical data centre security that most data centres would struggle to match.
  • Access security hardened to your requirements.
  • No capital investment on database licences required.
  • Cedar will shoulder the responsibility of running and maintaining the application and if required, will proactively advise on recommended application updates.
  • Get access to Cedar’s accumulated knowledge of implementing and running PeopleSoft applications so all you need to concentrate on is running your HR or Financials function.