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Allen & Overy


Allen & Overy
London, United Kingdom




5,400 Worldwide

Oracle Products & Services:

  • PeopleSoft Enterprise Human
  • Capital management
  • Enterprise Learning (ELM)
  • Global Payroll

“Just a quick note to say how brilliant the new self-service looks and operates.”
Senior Manager, London

Chris Pannell

Head of Global People Systems



Allen & Overy have been a longstanding Client of Oracle PeopleSoft. Having implemented HR, Payroll and ELM they continue to be committed to the Product and the benefits that it brings to the Organisation.
The PeopleSoft system is used by around 5,400 employees in 40 offices across 30 countries. There are around 200 system power-users.


  • Update from Tools 8.54 to 8.56.
  • Update from Image 6 to Image 23.
  • Payroll compliance and readiness for Q1 2018 payroll updates.
  • Self Service being highly visible to everyone in the organisation required fresh and clean image with usability being a key driver with regards to the design.
  • Latest Image and tools regarded as a 'stepping stone' towards further optimisation.
  • Once current to commit to a twelve monthly maintenance cycle to stay current.


  • Ensure legislative compliance for payroll.
  • Ensure bug fixes were proactively installed in a timely manner.
  • Simplify reapplication of customisations.
  • Managing release of 'Inflight' development at same time as the upgrade project.
  • New infrastructure and the readiness of that for the planned cutover


  • Initial Design sessions were held to help visualise what the new style could look like with the fresh approach and to assess if delivered functionality could be utilised.
  • The team reviewed the customisations early in the project to assess if re-application could be handled with a less invasive touch to support future updates.
  • Implemented fully fluid self-service via a crafted, branded UI
  • Rolled-out fluid Company directory to smaller user group.
  • Rolled-out fluid Company directory to smaller user group.
  • Utilized push notification framework to encourage users to take action.
  • Used Event Mapping to minimise changes to Oracle delivered PeopleCode and objects.
  • Clear timings with regards to Project Planning for the merging of 'inflight' development with the project.
  • Infrastructure build and management managed in-house to ensure timely delivery.


The joint team approach (Cedar and A&O) completed the Tools and image update in 6 months with very positive feedback in the first day with regards to Self Service Usability.

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